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Reachfluencer empowers content makers
to build an active and engaged community.

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Ever wondered why your social media content didn't work as well as you have dreamed?

You don't have an engaged community.

You trust content marketing gurus but you don't know the real secret sauce 🍔

A magician won't share his secret with you, that's the problem!

You follow your competition like a sheep 🐑

You are no different from the rest! Your messages drown in the deep of LinkedIn, Twitter, Medium...

You have hired the best copywriter but you have an average of 10 likes per post 😱

Copywriting is not enough anymore! You need a strong kickstart!

It's time, to skyrocket your reach and influence

The secret sauce of top marketers, growth hackers and sales.

Only qualified engagement 👍

There is no interest to boost engagement with shitty fake profiles. You have friends and colleagues who are there to help you.

Fully automated 🤖

With Reachfluencer you can get and give thousands of likes and reactions automatically.

Cross-platform 🚀

Our users are kings! Do you need Reachfluencer for another platform? Contact us.

How it works

(hint: less than 2 min setup)

Install our extension

The Reachfluencer extension is currently available on Chrome Store, but other web browsers are coming by the end of this year.

Join (or create) a network

A network is like a WhatsApp group where members automatically support each other with mutual engagement. Therefore, we recommend inviting trusted people as a priority.

Paste content URL

Copy your social media URL and paste it into your network. Wait 2 minutes and admire the results. You automatically receive reactions from network members!

Better ROI than $15 in Ads

Free trial. No credit card required.


Auto Liker

Currently available on LinkedIn and

Auto Clapper

Currently available on Medium

Auto Upvoter

Currently available on Quora

Ghost Mod

Your network is invisible
in the public search

Analytics (soon)

Get stats about your reach
and engagement.

Post scheduler (soon)

Schedule a post on your favourite
social media platform


Start for free. No credit card required.

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For smart entrepreneurs

  • 500 credits per month
  • Cumulative credits*
  • Unlimited networks
  • Unlimited posts
  • Multi-platform


For content makers

  • 2 000 credits per month
  • Cumulative credits*
  • Unlimited networks
  • Unlimited posts
  • Multi-platform


Do you need a description?

  • 6 000 credits per month
  • Cumulative credits*
  • Unlimited networks
  • Unlimited posts
  • Multi-platform

*VAT excluded

Credits 💰

1 action (like, comment, etc..) = 1 credit.
You can limit actions in network settings.

Cumulative credits 👛

Unused credits are postponed to the next month until you cancel your subscription.

Multi-platform 🛣️

Reachfluencer is currently available on LinkedIn, Twitter, Medium and Quora.


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